Friday, 5 December 2014

Our Digital Legacy

Glenholme Young Leaders have left a 'Digital Legacy' for present and future students, Whanau and community to share. This project involved team work, managing self, persistence, problem solving and sheer determination, several of the attributes we want our learners to have today and to take into their futures. 


  • Entered the room and found each seat had an envelop on it and there were numbers written on the board, students wrote their names on an envelop then each wrote their names under a number......they were intrigued!
  • Brainstormed in small teams the traits and characteristics of a leader then shared back to the whole group.
  • Students drew 5 numbers out of a hat and then wrote a personal anonymous message to that student outlining a leadership trait or characteristic they felt that student has. These messages were placed in their envelops for later use (and students to keep).
  • We then discussed these characteristics in relation to creatures in the animal kingdom e.g. Students thought Lions roar, Eagles soar, Cobra's strike. Rich questions were used to promote deeper thinking e.g. "What is your opinion.....?" "Can you assess the value or importance of......" "How would you compare......." "What would you select........" "Based on what you know, how would you show......?" Students considered what parts of each creature showed other animals they had strength e.g. the Lion's Mane, the Cobra's frill, the Eagles wings.
  • Each individual was then provided time to consider how Glenholme had impacted on their lives and how this related and aligned to one of these animals. They wrote a 'Statement' to title their creation.
  • Students chose which animal they would like to be and were then introduced to  a recent artwork by two talented young artists as inspiration.

  • Students needed to consider planning, patterning, detail, leaving spaces for attributes.
  • We now also needed to consider the 'bigger picture'......"What would our artwork become?" The plan was to have a buddy photograph us and then we would put ourselves into the picture to create a 3D effect (we attached our digital photo to foam so that it 'jumped out from the picture'. Our artwork would then be photographed (by ourselves) and then this photo would be used to create a 'Thinglink' (an interactive image) that we could choose pieces of work that we were most proud of completed during the year while at Glenholme (each of these pieces were located on our class blogs). These Thinglinks would be placed with a farewell message on this blog for others to share. When you 'hover' over our artwork 'tags' will appear to link you to our work online.
  • And then the creating began...

  • We used intricate patterning, detail and colour (some used 'hot colours' some chose 'cold colours'.......some used both to effect with what looked like flames shooting off!

  • The completed artworks were displayed at school, check out our fabulous work in the posts below. We'd love you to leave us a comment too...

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My journey at Glenholme

I started Glenholme as a 5 year old. Shy and without friends. Slowly and with the help of the teacher I gained confidence, learnt lots and that has helped me to become the kind and smart young leader I am now. My years at Glenholme have also given me the oppertunity to go to gifted kids where I learnt many new things and together I have learnt to never give up and try my best. Unfortunately I'm leaving and I wish I could stay but I can't. I have lots of happy memories of my time  at Glenholme. I hope all the students love this school the same as me.
Farewell Glenholme.
From Jasper.

The Spark of my Fire

Hi, I'm Kiana. Glenholme School has been the only primary school I have been to in my whole life. I started when I was only five years old, and I remember my first assembly like it was only last week. Mrs. Macfarlane called me up to the stage after the national anthem. She said to me, "This little girl seems to be confident singing the national anthem already, and it's her first assembly!"
I cut her off straight away, replying, "I already know it!" Everyone laughed, and I laughed too, in a fake, confused way. That felt good.
The next year I performed in the Glenholme School talent quest and won it. By then I still hadn't really made many friends, but I seemed to be good with the teachers. When I started my first day in A5 (when it used to be for pikopiko team) I didn't really fit in. I didn't understand maths much, and there was this girl who was 'so smart' and 'amazing at maths'. I HATED her. Everyone said she was really friendly and kind, but she hadn't said one sentence to me. One day she came up to me at lunch time and we started talking. I began to realise she was actually really kind. She taught me to always push forward, even if it gets tough. Surprise surprise... She is now a young leader AND a best friend. She is the spark of my fire.
There is one teacher I really admire: Whaea Lisa. Last year and most of this year, I have been in her class. She always believed that I could do anything I wanted. We were really good friends, and I would always stay in class after school so we could talk. She left this year, but I will never forget her. She is the spark of my fire.
I really need to thank Mrs. Macfarlane for all her support with not just my young leader duties, but also with myself and my own learning. If it weren't for Mrs. Macfarlane's help to become a young leader, I wouldn't have achieved the things that I did. I think back on my first talent quest over and over again, and how much I have improved thanks to her. She is the spark of my fire.
I have had an amazing six years at Glenholme School. I went from a shy, sad girl to an outgoing, cheeky young leader.
"Glenholme is the spark of my fire".

Farewell My Fellow Glenholme Students

My farewell statement

Hi my name is McKenzie. Glenholme has given me more knowledge than what can fit in a life time. This school has nurtured and moulded me into the independent person I am today. I never thought I'd get this far but there was someone who encouraged me and helped me to believe I could become a young leader. I want each and every person in this school to be like her and support anyone and everyone, even if you're not very fond of them. But also believe in your self and you can achieve even the highest of your goals. Be who you want to be. Thanks Glenholme, for everything you've done for me.

My Farewell statement

Kia ora I'm Brooklyn! ,I'm a young leader. This is my farewell statement I've been at Glenholme from year 1 to Year 6, I've been in a lot of activities for the school like netball, touch,Kapa haka,librarian,flippaball, young leaders,first aid, road patrol and alot more. I've had several friends through out the years I've been at Glenholme. Only have one friend that has been friends with me since year 3 ,her name is DJ , she's my partner for young leaders. I would like to thanks DJ for sticking with me and encouraging me to be more confident I also want to thank the teachers I've been with and my friends. I don't want to leave Glenholme, farewell Glenholme! :(

My journey at Glenholme School

Kiaora, my name is Te Paea. I want to share my journey at Glenholme School. Even though I have only spent nearly two years here I still have a lot of memorable moments like when I became a young leader and when I made my first friend called Haeun. I gained a lot of confidence through out the past two years. There are so many opportunities like becoming a young leader, road patroller or even a dynamo and for those kids that love helping and reading you can become a librarian. There will be sad moments and happy ones but if anyone feels left out just remember that we are all one family. So remember to always look at the positive side.


Farewell Glenholme

Hi my name is Harry,
When I was in a6 Miss Edwards class I did not know my 2 times tables but throughout the years I have improved a lot to get into rotomaths and the young leaders group I enjoyed it. Who ever gets into the young leaders group I hope they enjoy it."Glenholme gave me wings" 

My adventure through Glenholme School!

My adventure through Glenholme school                                                                                                                       When I was only 5 I had no friends but then someone came up to me and said "hey do you want to play?"that girl was Haeun Kang.I was really shy but I said yes, remember don't be shy make friends.A year went by we are still friends to this day!Never be afraid.I would like to acknowledge  some of my teachers Matua Anaru that helped my confidence in singing,drums and guitar. Mrs Owen-for always being there for me when I'm down.Mrs cauldwell-for being a great teacher when I was little. Mrs Schuler- For being one of the best teachers of all even knowing your not here with us you will always be in my heart. Last but not least Mr Allen- your so funny but when I say funny I mean extremely funny!!!YOUR AWESOME!!!! Year 1,2,3,4 and 5  remember "NO DREAM IS TO BIG AND NO DREAMER IS TO SMALL". I will miss Glenholme so much I will always remember you Glenholme school. There's only one more person the most important one of all.... Mrs McFarlane she the best Principal ever,your responsible,funny,kind and awesome. Stay cool!!  I will miss you!!!!! One more thing you should remember anyone can be a leader! :) From: Jade McCormack-Bevin. "Glenholme helped me fly" 

Leaving Glenholme

When I just started school I had no friends, until I started getting to know people and going to different classes every year. When I grew older I became a young leader and people started respecting me and now I am well known.


Never Forget Me

Never forget me
Kia Ora, My name is Duval.
When I started school I was to shy to stand on the stage. I was so lonely on the park and in class. No one would let me play with them or other people. A few weeks later, there were some new kids in our class. They were just the same as me, all alone and no one to play with. I saw people being mean to them so I went over to say stop but they wouldn't stop. I went to the teacher but she wouldn't even look at me or reply back to me. The new kids went to sit down. I saw them at their chairs sitting down all alone. I went to ask if we could be friends and hang out all the time at school. They said yes with a smile on their face. We were still friends while we were growing up. It was a year later. We stopped hanging out because we were in different class's. They had made different friends. I went to ask if they remembered me. They said no. I was by my self, all alone as always. I heard people calling hey kid over there. I turned around and waited for them to come to me. They asked if I wanted to be their friend. I replied with a yes. He said let's be friends forever. And we did stay as friends. My friends names are Tiaki, Brayden, James and Montell.
Goodbye Glenholme.

Remember me!

Kia ora my name is Min Seok. I am now a young leader. When I first started school I was very shy because I didn't know anybody. I remember I was so proud of myself I could count to one hundred. I was in a6 and my teacher was Mrs Edwards. But now I've grown up to take part in the roto maths competition. Soon I will leave Glenholme proudly leaving a piece of art work and a digital legacy. So remember me...

I'll see you one day!

Montell's farewell statement.

Kia ora my name is Montell. When I was younger when I first started this school I would not do work at all, then I got bored then I did my work all the time now. Then I got smart. Couple of years later I was growing up and making new friends.Finally this year when I'm 11 I am a young leader. Now I look after a couple of people and stop a lot

of fights on the park and on the field. I really like this school but I'm leaving.
Farewell Glenholme

Glenholme don't forget me...

Glenholme made me powerful by encouraging me to be who I am over the past 4 years.
I've gotten better and better at my school work that includes my homework.
My friend Brooklyn has been with me ever since I started school. Brooklyn is honest,caring and trustworthy. Brooklyn is my partner for milk she is my partner for flipper ball and all sorts of things like that. Also another person who has been encouraging me is the wonderful Mrs Norton even though I've been in her class for only one year but it has been one of my best years at Glenholme.
I am seriously going to miss it here at Glenholme school.
Sincerely DJ

My memories of Glenholme

Kia ora my name is Tiaki. I'm going to talk about my life at Glenholme school. The first class I was in was C6. My teacher name was Miss Williamson, she was an awesome teacher, in the class I was shy but made new friends, Harry,Duval ,James, Brayden and Noah, we are best friends. Then in 2011 I moved into B4, my teacher was Mr Picken but people call him Mr P. he is a funny teacher but my old friends weren't in B4. Then I met some new friends Jordan,Keegan, Peter and Brayden was in B4 too. In B4 we did lots of fun thing like playing games and cool work like art. Then in 2012 I went to B5 my teachers name was Mr Allen  he was a Maori teacher my new friends were Taylor ,Payton and a new boy named M.J. His real name is Mark John.

 Goodbye Glenholme

Remember me!

Hi I'm Aroha- Glenhome gave me power by encouraging me to be what I am now. The teachers picked me as a leader for 2014 I was very glad at the time. Sadly I made a few mistakes but luckily it wasn't been that bad to get kicked out of my position.
When I started school here I was very nervous and shy but this great school helped me get through my fear. I have had fun spending time with my teacher Mrs Norton for two years. I have also had fun with the previous teacher I had- Whaea Susan I loved her.
Thank you to the teachers that have looked after me I hope all you kids have fun here for the rest of your primary life's I encourage you not to make silly errors!!!
Congratulations to the 2015 Young Leaders

Glenholme I'll miss you...

See ya Glenholme!

Hi my name is Noah, I started school when I was five years old in Mrs Edmeades class b6 and since then I've progressed. I joined activities like hockey and Mini ball I practiced my times tables and spelling and all of that gave me the opportunity to be a young leader and over the years I've grown to be more confident and to speak up. You Could say "Glenholme taught me to fly".


Good Bye Glenholme School!

Glenholme trained me to fly, providing me knowledge. It all started when I was 5 years old.No friends, didn't know any English,shy and scared. I soon made.two friends called Carmen and Jade and till this day were still best friends. Teachers and friends gave me courage and strength to a shy girl, so I became a confident student . I would like to acknowledge my favourite teachers from my 7 years at Glenholme School. Mrs tea was my year 0 teacher it was a small class with 6 students but filled with favourite moments. Mrs Burnett , a lovely teacher ,she includes everybody and she's always there for me when I'm blue,she also has a pet turtle called Turk. Whaea Susan, she is a wonderful teacher and my best teacher in pohutukawa team and she always gave chocolate fredo's to the class. Mrs Schuler, she passed away but she's still deep down in my heart. Last but not least Mrs Owen she's an awesome teacher she supports you and she's always there when I'm hurt or sad. For now and forever I strive for the best. I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME AT GLENHOLME SCHOOL THANK YOU!